Observer Consulting

Consulting Overview

Whether it's a quick initial setup or a comprehensive on-site installation and configuration, VIAVI Solutions Consulting options are designed to ensure that you get the most out of your Performance Management Solutions.

Correct configuration provides high value and an instant return on investment. Knowledgeable professionals will be on hand to guide you through a first-time installation, validation and optimization of a previously-installed solution, application blueprinting, or simply designing the right dashboards and reports for your business.

How It Works

VIAVI Solutions Consulting addresses the fundamental needs of the organization with respect to the products and overall business goals. The easy 4 Step Process consists of discovery, planning, execution, and knowledge transfer, providing the tools you need without the hassle. Organizational goals will be documented. Implementation plans will be created. The configuration or report building will be completed to your specifications, and your staff will be brought up to speed on the process. Both Virtual and Onsite Services are available.

Choose From:

Quickstart Integration Configuration

Simple installations in less than a day

Enterprise Integration Configuration

Optimize the configuration of your network

Enterprise Full Implementation

Let trained Consultants handle the details from start to finish

Dashboards and Reports Builder

Consultants build key reports, create dashboards for you

Network Tools Modeling

Could your configuration be better? Have it validated by the experts

Application Blueprinting

Reduce troubleshooting with key application monitoring setup

Observer Management Server Integration

Consultants configure easy, one-stop tool management

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